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BPM Consulting

Our consulting network is an association of experienced specialists from various industries. Each consultant in our network has many years of management experience and acts as a strategic sparring partner or coach for our customers.

We identify the right consulting partner for each project, whose experience and expertise perfectly match your company and the challenges you face. This person is your permanent point of contact for all project management-related questions.

The individual is always the focus of our advice in the context of process and organisational development.

Business Process Management (Process Consulting)

The aim of strategic process consulting is to optimise business process by improving the quality of the processes and simplifying them. Process consulting revolves around the given potential of our customers and concentrates on operations and performance.

Our Business Process Management services include general process consulting, the requirements management needed, project implementation, quality assurance, user training and strategic and operational support from the launch to after going live.

Actual Situation Analysis

We analyse your existing process management documentation and guidelines. To get to know your process landscape better, we conduct interviews that help us to understand the details of the subject better.

Within the framework of this analysis, you receive structured feedback on the current strengths and weaknesses of your processes and the opportunities they present. We also work with you to develop a pragmatic path for your future process management.

Process Mining

Process mining techniques allow us to facilitate the simple analysis and visualisation of complex operations in your business processes by you. The event data from supporting IT systems are clearly presented in a process model and show the process as it actually takes place. Bottlenecks can be identified quickly thanks to the integrated performance view.

Process Modelling

We support you in defining business process management strategies and their realisation through business process modelling. In doing so, company-wide standards are defined to provide a uniform and clear documentation basis for your processes.

Requirements Management
We support you in identifying , analysing, specifying and validating all the technical characteristics and general conditions for smoothly introducing your new software solution.

Practice-oriented Training

Anchoring process orientation consistently across your company represents one of the most important factors of success in global competition. In this context, process management represents a comprehensive method for achieving process orientation.

We offer a series of seminars on the subject of process management and organisational development for this purpose.

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